Dear Diary from Antigone

Topics: Oedipus, Polynices, Sophocles, Debut albums, Seven Against Thebes, Oedipus at Colonus / Pages: 6 (1267 words) / Published: Nov 5th, 2013
Dear Diary, Ever since the fight for the throne between my two brothers, Eteocles and Polynices , nothing has been right. They fought for the throne, but the outcome came to be that they killed each other and the throne was left to my uncle, King Creon. My uncle is a selfish man who only cares about himself and when he became king of Thebes he got to do whatever he wanted to. My uncle ,King Creon, decided to have a burial for only one of my brothers ,Eteocles and did not want to bury my other brother Polyneices. He gave Eteocles a soldier's funeral because he thought that was what he deserved and believed he has military honor for fighting for his kingdom. My uncle said that no one was allowed to bury Polyneices though and that “his body must lie in the fields” for the “carrion birds to find as they search for food.” My poor brother Polyneices, who fought just as hard, was looked at as a traitor in Creons eyes because “he attacked his hometown kingdom.” Once all this was issued, King Creon created an edict that forbid anyone to bury Polyneices, and if they do they will be stoned to death. He ultimately did this because he thought that he can’t bury a hero and a traitor at the same time, that would just be wrong.
As soon as I heard about this law I wanted to go talk to my sister Ismene, and see what she thinks and if she will come with me to bury him! When I went to talk to my sister Ismene, she thought that I was crazy because there was a new law that forbid it. I told my sister that “he is my brother, and he is your brother to.” He deserves to be buried as well as Eteocles. Ismene wanted no part of it and told me that “the law is strong” and “we must give in to the law.” She also said that “we are only women, we cannot fight with men” because we are too weak. I was so annoyed with her and frustrated because he is our brother and deserves to be buried, but she doesn’t see it this way. I was so aggravated that I finally told her that “I should not want you,

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