Dear Diary

Pages: 4 (1341 words) Published: March 8, 2011
Dear Diary,
Tonight was . . . weird. Totally weird. The film was lousy, but Marcia came too, so I thought it would be better off she came along.. I hate when guys get drunk. For a start, it's totally against the law, then all the arguments, the fights(HATE FIGHTS) . . . It scares me, and if people with their knives . . . I just don't like getting involved. Neither does Marcia, much. I was watching the movie then they came. The greasers. The annoying graces, Strange greasers. Not like normal ones. They actually seemed to respect us, well most of them. They actually seemed nice. I tried to ignore him. And he got worse. That greaser dared, actually dared, to stick his feet up on my chair. And that was all I can take so I spun around to shout at him. The greaser didn't seem to care. He was getting me irritated just for fun. And he probably had a knife on him somewhere as well. I swear, it was such a relief when he got up (to buy us Cokes)and left :). Ponyboy Curtis, I thought he was real cute. An unusual and individual name. He looked younger than the other greaser. I was pretty certain I'd seen him somewhere before. He looked familiar. He's got these huge, big, black eyes.

Dear Diary,
Dally gave me a Coke. I gave it right back to him. However, instead of getting annoyed, he just laughed. Then tried to put an arm around me. But Johnny stopped him. Johnny, the one who seemed scared of everyone and everything. I looked at Ponyboy, whose mouth had dropped open and whose eyes were wide(I bet he was scared). This must have been a completely different side of Johnny. To stand up to Dally must have taken some courage. Well Dally suprizenly just chilled of about it thank god. Ponyboy is a smart greaser? That's very rare among his type of people. Greasers are the sort people that dropout and work at gas station but I guess Ponyboy proved me wrong!

Dear Diary,
Down the road came a blue Mustang. We froze. It passed us slowly. I turned around, not wanting...
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