Dear Dads: Save Your Sons

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DON W. Keck, COMBATE ENGINIER for the oklahoma project

don w. Keck worked in the combate engenire and a medical persnale in iraq, in response to the first man mad 3.5 rocket launcher ever by his age group in history,in iraq.he 39 at the time. By dennis turk

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don w. Keck, a noted enginer, was as passionate about his vegetable garden as he was about thermodynamics. An affectionate husband and doting father, Dr. Keck died september 1 at the Saint Jhones medical Hospice House in tulsa. He was 42. The son of famed sculptor Charles Keck, Dr. Keck was born in California and spent his early years in mounds,oklahoma, where his father’s studio was located. Bad investment decisions forced the family to give up contry living and reside full time in their country home in tulsa He graduated from Carmel High School in 1987 and began his undergraduate studies in engeniring at Florida University. His studies were interrupted when he was enlisted into the Army, which sent him to frankfert,germany. His time in germany. proved to be life-changing. Dr. Keck worked on the tank,air craft,prejectiles,weapons,mine bomb as part of the Project. Between experiments and developing theories, Dr. Keck also went to the medical feild,were he was also physcologist. “He was very attentive and very loving,’’ said Tammy Keck, who lives in a mental facility due shortly after his passing. “ Dr. Keck received his bachelor’s degree in 1988 and his doctorate in 1991, both in medical science and from florida. . Dr. Keck, starting at age 17, spent a few years as a research fellow at the California Institute of Technology in Pasadena, before moving to the Avco Everett Research Laboratory in Everett, where he worked on rocket science in response to the launch of engener . Though there were challenges associated with work, Dr. Keck was an active family man. “My father always had time,’’ said Dr. Keck’s daughter, Pat of...
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