Topics: Abraham Maslow, Maslow's hierarchy of needs, Self-actualization Pages: 4 (1628 words) Published: May 26, 2014
By: Josephine P. Yopo, CPA, MBA
Orlando A. Fernandez, CPA, LLB, MBA-TEP

Qualities of a College Dean:

Pamantasan ng Lungsod ng Maynila, in its official website, describes a College Dean as the one who hails from the roster of the faculty. He or she is the chief academic and administrative officer of the unit, and has overall supervision over all matters pertaining to the college that affect its faculty and scholars. The Dean of the college is expected to create the environment in the college that is conducive to optimum learning and to set the tone of leadership in creating the character or culture unique to the college.

A Dean, is the one who aspires for his/her College to be a “Center of Development” that will eventually enjoy a national reputation and stature.

University of St. Thomas, Minesota states that, the Dean has exceptional administrative experience and a demonstrated track record of achievements. As leader in a recognized school, he or she has the professional presence and communication skills to interact with leaders, benefactors and alumni; and to build lasting and productive relationships.

Moreover, the dean embraces the college’s shared governance system and has the capacity to collaboratively develop processes and incentive systems that motivate, energize and empower Faculty members and staff to reach their personal and organizational goals. He or she has also the entrepreneurial spirit to strategically assess and take advantage of new opportunities for college growth, and the competitive drive to meet the difficult challenges confronting management education in the 21st century. He/she is a forward-thinking, inspirational and authentic leader with unquestioned integrity.

The Dean leads the college during a time of great potential. He or she plays a critical role in implementing the next phase of the college’s growth and has an unparalleled opportunity to make a...

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