Dealing with Stress Every Day

Topics: English-language films, Thought, Psychology Pages: 2 (517 words) Published: September 13, 2011
Jason Jaco
Psych 1

Stress is defined as mental, emotional, or physical strain caused by anxiety or overwork, I agree with this definition but I believe there’s more to it. What stress means to me is that’s its mental, emotional, and can be physically straining due to adjustments or adapting to your surroundings . Depending on the situation and the person, the level of stress will vary. For example, a person may find themselves feeling down over a grade in a class. Or, even a small child in a toy store very upset because he could not get the toy he wanted. When compared to a woman lying in a hospital bed feeling a longing , emptiness because she just lost what was supposed to be her first child. The stress level in in the woman is greater the child will forget about the toy. The woman may take months to bounce back to her original state of mind. I don’t feel that stress is necessarily always due to negative situations. An individual can endure a feeling of anxiousness because there going on a first date with the person of there dreams. They are elated, and enthusiastic about this date. I’ve had an experience like this before. I had a date with a close friend who I had a crush on since we met. On our date my hands would get sweaty and my heart would race uncontrollably whenever she got close. There was nothing negative about our date. Still, I felt I was in a stressful situation because When I think about telling her how I feel about her and she doesn’t feel the same way it may ruin our freindship. These are examples of stress occurring on different levels. To me, it’s the person way of handling stress. I believe stress is most of all psychological. Meaning it can and will effect our brains and our way or thinking. Such as altering our “normal” routines in life. Instead of concentrating on a teachers lecture, you’d find certain individuals drifting off into deep thought about another life event, rather then paying...
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