Dealing with Complaints

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phone conversation
-Good evening, sir. this is hotline service operator, Steve. How can I help you? - You know I have just moved to a new region and noticed the advertisement near by my house. I would like to know about your internet services. - Sure. first of all I want to know for what do you need the internet? For work? For communication? or may be for online games? - well, I think mostly for communication with my relatives abroad. -Ok, then how often do you use internet?

-every day.
- I have choose some variants for you. What kind of tariff do you prefer? limited or unlimited? -unlimited, I think.
- so there are 23$ and 17$ variants. Plus connection service for free if you choose our internet until the April ends. -Nice! I agree
-If is it convenient to you, the master can come tomorrow at any time from 10A.M. to 10P.M. - it would be great if he will come at 7P.M.
- Ok. thank you for choosing us. wait the agent tomorrow at 7P.M. bye! -Bye.

complaint handling

- good evening. how can I help you?
- a days ago I have bought a new coat and didn't noticed that there is a big hole inside! - oh, we are really sorry for it. you can choose from several options: to refund, to replace or to repair it. -I think replacement is what I want.

-wait me a minute. I'll be back soon. ............................ Here it is. - thank you.
-we apologies again for this defect.

face-to-face conversation

-Hello. How can I help you?
- I would like to choose a mobile phone for present for my wife. -Well I can offer you this models. Women like it most of all. -Very good. My wife like to make a photos, so I need good camera within the phone. -ok, this models have a 16 megapixels camera. But I would recommend you this phone. It has wi-fi and 3g functions, big sized screen. Moreover this screen can react on nails! - that's what I need. What is the price...
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