Dealing with Anger

Topics: Drug addiction, Psychology, Addiction Pages: 2 (686 words) Published: March 17, 2012

Angela Raynor
South University Online


We all have common human behaviors that affect the way we act from time to time. Weather the reaction is a good or bad reaction. As humans we experience anger as one common behavior that can have different effects on us. Anger is a natural behavior that human have to express they do not like something or will not tolerate it. There are many things that can us as humans to be angry. There are two different affects anger can have on us as humans. The first affect anger can have is an effect that we all would expect when we hear the word “Anger” that effect is the negative effect. There are many things that can cause us as humans to become angry. People tread to get angry when they get scared. I know when my oldest daughter was taken I was very scared and, angry because I was not sure where she was at. Some people know how to control their anger and some people don’t. People who know how to control their anger can do positive things in the lives when things make them angry. These people can go for a walk to claim down or read book and become more educated, or even go fishing. A person who controls their anger can make better decisions in their lives then a person who cannot control their anger. Knowing how to control your anger can help you a lot in life. A person who does not know how to control their anger can do a lot of harm. People who have a hard time controlling their anger can hurt themselves or other around them. Someone who cannot control their anger could become very violent which could cause them to fight with other people. If you unable to control your anger your blood pressure will go up and, and you and this could cause some bodily harm. This could cause a heart attack or even a stroke. People have even been known to turn to drugs or even alcohol to try and deal with their own angry unfortunately, most substance abusers may not even be aware that they...

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