Deaf's Short Story My Body Is My Own Business

Topics: Morality, Virtue, Ethics Pages: 3 (545 words) Published: July 14, 2015

Life does not have to be complex to be good, this is simply because a good life is, a life where a person is a “good person.” This has always been my perception, however lately, pondering this idea has left me with the question “What is a good person?” There is such a vast diversity of what a good person is, does that now make it complex to have a good life?
It is a given that you are a decent person if, you are compassionate and would never intentionally harm anyone and if you treat all people and situations with dignity and respect. A good person is not, racist, or judgmental and advocates that we all have the same blood, so we are all equals.
If this is the type of person you are, you are a good person and this would imply you lead a good life. This is a pretty simple notion, is it not? For me, living this way is quite...

Throughout this story, Mustafa leaves you pondering the idea, that the Muslim culture has a brilliant way of living. Muslims wear hijabs. Wearing a hijab takes away the ability to judge others based on their gender, wealth, and beauty; leaving you only to focus on a person’s character. This way of living, deepens my current belief that we should only be defined by our actions. The story leaves you considering if we are unintentionally judgmental and if it is possible that we intuitively judge people by what we see. Do we instinctively look at the homeless man and wonder what bad choices could he have made to land him here? Do we avoid eye contact or are we are afraid to approach him because we are not sure of his mental stability? These thoughts would be judgmental and bias, would they not? Even if you don’t think you are a judgmental person and surely don’t mean to be, is it possible that there is a little piece of us that automatically does judge - making us not that good of a...
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