deaf history questions

Topics: Sign language, American Sign Language, Gallaudet University Pages: 2 (360 words) Published: October 14, 2014

Deaf history presentation (1950-2000) multiple choice questions

Hana’s questions:
1. The first commercial implant was called the what?

2. VRS stands for what?
(A) Video Relay Scan
(B) Video Recive Service
(C) Video Relay Service
(D) Video Relay Set

Laura’s questions:
3. I King Jordan was
(A) The first deaf president of Gallaudet University
(B) The first Black deaf person to earn a bachelor's degree from Gallaudet College (C)  The first deaf president of Gallaudet University
(D) The first African-American woman to graduate from Gallaudet College.

4. Who was the first deaf  actress to win an Academy Award?
(A) Heather Whitestone
(B) Marlee Matlin
(C) Andrew Jackson Foster
(D) Robert F Panara

Brayden’s questions:
5. Which type of communication was created  to give Deaf and hard of hearing children the same English communicative potential as their hearing peers?
(A) Baby Sign Language
(B) American Sign Language
(C) Signing Exact English
(D) Total Communication

6. In 1988, Congress recommended that which communication method be used as the primary language for the Deaf, with English as a second language?
(A) American Sign Language
(B) Pidgin Sign English
(C) Cued Speech
(D) Total Communication

Ben’s questions:
7. The act of signing and speaking at the same time is called:
A. Complete Sign Language
B. Total Communication
C. Complete Communication
D. Total Sign Language

8. Who was the President of Gallaudet when it became a University in 1986?
A. Edward Miner Gallaudet
B. Robert R. Davila
C. I. King Jordan
D. Jerry Lee

McKenna’s questions:
9. What is the ADA (american disability act)?
a. an act that allowed deaf people to get cochlear implants
b. gives people with disabilities access to free health care for their disability
c. federally funded organizations who provide TTY phones and interpreters for the deaf...
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