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Topics: Sign language, Deaf culture, American Sign Language Pages: 2 (635 words) Published: May 20, 2012
Description of Event: Deaf Chat
Further your American Sign Language experience in a friendly social surrounding enjoying food court goodies and making new friends. Sponsored By: Sorry, I don’t know.
When and Where the Event Took Place: March 8, 2012 at Oakridge Mall, San Jose. What it was about: Meet deaf, hard of hearing and other ASL students, communicate with people.

This was the first deaf event that I attended this quarter. I was even more excited about it than I was before. I always had fun before, even though it always started with a little bit of embarrassing. Because compared to people who really sign in their daily lives, I knew very little signs, so I always feel like I cannot communicate with them that much. After last event, I went home, and decided to work harder, to learn more signs, so that I can communicate with deaf people better.

I was a little late for the event. When I got there, it was almost seven. The event started at six thirty. There were a lot of people. Some of them were from our class. It made me feel more comfortable to be with someone that I know, and it just feels like we are in class, and we are just practicing. But this time, there were not that much deaf people compared to the events that I attended before. Most of the people are ASL students. So it ended up that everyone is waiting to communicate with deaf people or students just practise with each other. While someone was signing with deaf, the others would look at them, learn and wait. It was a little embarrassed that students sometimes were having very similar conversations with deaf people, because what we have learned are very limited and similar. But what I felt is that all the deaf people there are very nice and patient. They never show any impatient even though they have to repeat or explain a sign over and over sometimes.

I had a lot of fun there as usual. I can not only learn sign languages, but also make friends. There was a guy named Jhona. He is deaf....
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