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Education for Deaf Students
The method of education for Deaf students depends on the background of each student. Some students are profoundly Deaf from a hearing family which may mean they embrace both the hearing culture and the deaf culture. Some students are profoundly Deaf from a Deaf family which may mean that they may only embrace the Deaf Culture. Some students may have a cochlear implant surgery or have oral therapy. There are a variety of education methods for Deaf students, such as oral education, mainstream education, and residential education.

The first method of education is oral education. Sometimes parents force their children to learn to speak orally instead of signing. For example, back in the 1900’s if a Deaf student would use their hands to speak (sign language) the teacher would punish them by slapping their hands. Oral communication skills make it easier for deaf students to communicate with their hearing parents. If the parents are Deaf and use sign languages to communicate, oral skills do not help. Some deaf students have a surgery called a cochlear implant. this surgery helps them to hear normal speech, and it also helps them to hear themselves speak.

The second method of education is mainstream education. Mainstream simply means that Deaf students go to public schools with other hearing students. Some parents will decide to send their Deaf children to public school, for there is not a Deaf school in their district. However, not all parents learn Sign Language, which makes it hard for Deaf students to communicate with their parents. Not all public schools have deaf programs. For instance, if a deaf students decides to go a public school, the school would be responsible to provide interpreting services for the deaf students. sometimes it is hard for deaf students to socialize in the mainstream schools because the hearing students do not know sign language.

The third method of education is residential education. Residential...
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