Deadly Unna Chapter Summaries

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Chapter Summaries.
Chapter 1.
- Gary is telling the story.
- Gary calls the coach "arks" because he can’t say ask.
- Gary's team is called the goonyas.
- Gary lives on the coast of S.A. in a country town.
- Carol Cockatoo is 1st Ruck and Gary is 2nd Ruck.
- Gary was becoming very popular in the town as he was now the 1st Ruck for the grand final. - Gary has 4 brothers (one Tim) and 3 sisters.
- Nickname: Blacky
Chapter 2.
- Gary is feared that he would be called a gutless wonder.
- Gary liked school.

Chapter 3.
- Arks were a real champion in his day.
- Coach Robertson has never won a grand final.
- Coach Robertson wife ran away and left him with the kids.
- Arks played a grade footy when he was 14.
Chapter 4.
- Arks is not convinced he will ever win a grand final.
- Arks gave Gary some tips for the game.
- Gary isn't a very good kicker.
- Gary was persistent to learn.
Chapter 5.
- Dumby Red had perfect teeth and was medium height.
- Dumby didn't know the positions, he wore a Carlton jumper No. 25, and he could run fast. - Gary didn't like Dumby red, but he had started to.
- Mad dog had Gary in a headlock, and then Dumby Red was the only one that stood up for him. Chapter 6.
- Blacky's dad never ate dinner with the family.
- Old man was always down at the pub.
- Porky Frasier pigsties are a man's farm.
- Black read 'Readers Digest'
- Sharon was very neat.

Chapter 7.
- Best team man's name was 'Timothy James Black.'
- Best team man always won the 'Best team' trophy at the end of the year. - The black family liked going fishing.
- The black father always believed best team man.
Chapter 8.
- Blacky felt he had a lot of responsibility at the moment.
- Darcy the neighbor said he went to war in the air force but the blokes at the front bar said he didn’t. - Darcy sells gents (maggots) and he is retired.
Chapter 9.
- Blacky needs to go see an orthodontist, but it may be expensive. - There are 8 kids in Blackys family.
- Blacky's mum has false teeth but hardly ever wears them.
- Blacky got bagged sometimes about his teeth.
Chapter 10.
- Pickles is dirty minded and have a skin condition.
- Pickles thinks he is good with the lad.
Chapter 11.
- They caught lots of snapper fish.
- They were caught in a storm and Blacky thought the old man was trying to kill him. - Team man was covered in vomit.
- The boats cabin smelt old and stale.
Chapter 12.
- Gary's dad never went to his footy games.
- Gary wanted his dad to come to the grand final.
- Gary wanted to know why his mother and father are together because they are so different. - Blacky wanted 'Black Rock' to be called 'Bum Rock.'
Chapter 13.
- Gary was nervous about the grand final.
- Gary's dad got home late every night.
- Gary likes reading.

Chapter 14.

- Blacky was very nervous about the game, he has butterflies. - He wasn’t feeling very well so he had a lay down.
- The Goonyas won the grand final, because blacky tackled thumper and the siren went before thumper could kick the goal. - Blacky was trying to get out of the way instead he tackled thumper instead. - Blacky got taken to hospital with concussion.

- Blacky thought they lost but they won.

Chapter 15.

- Blackys mum was very protective of her son.
- His team was very proud of him, but he was embarrassed.
- Dumby Red was a very good team player.
- They were at the town hall having a little party.
- Blacky and Clarence were having a good conversation.

Chapter 16.

- Clarence was a talented smoker, who had been smoking for years. - Blacky had a drag.
- Darcy gave some advice to Blacky on girls and on STI’s.
- Blacky tried to impress Clarence.

Chapter 17.

- Big Mac was the president of the football club and secretary. - Big Mac had a big gut, he was sweating, he breathed heavily and he had grey curly hairs on his chest. - Local Parliament man “Mr Bernie Willmot”

- Blacky won the best team man trophy.
- Mark arks won the ‘Best on Ground’...
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