Deadly Unna

Topics: Big Mac, The Brady Bunch, Indigenous Australians Pages: 3 (1105 words) Published: April 17, 2012
1. The picture I got when I was introduced to “Blacky” is that I thought he had black skin colour and was an aboriginal due to his knick name being Blacky. 2. Blacky feels sorry for Arks because he has been training and coaching the team real hard and they haven’t won any premierships. 3. Blackys first impression of “Dumby Red” was that he is just another “Dumb Nunga who didn’t know any positions in footy” 4. Blackys family is quite different to an ordinary Australian family, his relationship with his step-father is way different to any other father son relationship, his step-father doesn’t care about blacky or any other of his siblings, Blacky has 5 other siblings. Best team man is called that because he has won a lot of best team man trophies at the football doo over the years. 5. Blacky never went to the point because he thought that there were Aboriginals throwing spears and boomerangs at white people. 6. Blacky no longer goes near his step-fathers boat because his step-father was ashamed of him because he was scared when they were in rough oceans. 7. Dumby Red passed the ball to Clemboy after his mark because Clemboy hadn’t touched the ball all game and it was his cousin. 8. There were few nungas at the Grandfinal doo because they knew that an aboriginal never won any of the awards. 9. When Blacky sees Clarence sitting under the graffiti of “BOONGS PISS OFF” he was confused as to why he was sitting under there, he had mixed feelings about it. 10. Blacky decides to quit football because of how the organizers were racist because Dumby Red didn’t win the best player trophy. 11. Big Mac finds the nungas in his bar annoying and completely ignored the joke a nunga told. 12. Blacky didn’t laugh at Big Macs joke because he is good friends with aboriginals and didn’t find it funny anymore. 13. Blacky denies knowing Clarence because he has started to like another girl and didn’t want any drama and he didn’t know what his crush thought about aboriginals. 14. After...
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