Deadly Unna?

Topics: Character, Racism, Interpersonal relationship Pages: 1 (390 words) Published: November 9, 2008
deadly Unna?

Deadly Unna? Is about far more than a game of footy. The novel explores social roles of who should mix with whom and black/white relationships. The novel also views the rules in different families and amongst peers. This essay explains and explores these issues.

This novel is more than just a game of footy because it explores an shows relationships between different groups of society. These two groups are the aborigines and the white Australians. An example of this is the complex friendship between the main character blacky and dumby red. The relationship between these two characters is a questionable one because it goes past social rules. Blacky goes and forms a friendship with a person from the other part of the town which is where all the aborigines people resided. The main activity in the novel is of course footy, people from different parts of the society are brought together and tend to interact more when its going on. A substantial example of this in the 14th chapter,the footy hadn't won in 32 years because the team was not multicultural. Everybody is caught in the moment join together to cheer for the team. This also overcomes the racism shown towards the aborigines by some individuals at the Port.

Another main issue in the novel is established social rules. The town is divided into two sides which are the port and the point. Phillip Gwynne does an excellent job in the setting of this novel, a contemporary town in outback Australia rather than in the big city. The town is a small one so people have to interact. This however doesn't happen, aborigines and the whites never talk all year except when the aborigines come to the port for supplies or at the bar. These might be the only times they converse all year except in the winter when the footy season kicks off. The pub is a social place and everyone interacts they still separately and this does not matter as some of the white Australians make racist remarks and show cruelty towards...
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