Dead Poets Society essay

Topics: Perception, Dead Poets Society, Individual Pages: 2 (873 words) Published: November 25, 2014
What ideas about discovery are conveyed by Peter Weir’s ‘Dead Poets Society’ and one other text? The process of discovery has the ability to greatly impact an individual resulting in them having new ideas and perceptions on themselves and others. These ideas differ for all individuals as each has their own experiences and develops from them in unique and personal ways. This is clearly evident in the film ‘Dead Poets Society’ by Peter Weir as it is a text which significantly focuses on the concept of contrast. Throughout this concept viewers are allowed an in-depth demonstration of the protagonists Neil Perry and Todd Anderson’s negative and positive experiences which have been caused by their strive to achieve individualism after a new English teacher John Keating introduces his pupils to poetry and free thinking attitude. ‘Firework’ a song co-written and performed by Katy Perry is also a text which conveys that discovery is a process that can lead to enlightenment and enable one to be more acceptant of who they once they disregard the socially constructed expectations that mass media communicates. Throughout Perter Weir’s ‘Dead Poets Society’ viewers are able to understand that discovery itself is a process of transformation that can lead to new ideas which in turn have positive effects on an individual. This can be seen in the scene where Professor Keating educates his students the act of conformity. When Keating states its definition as “the difficulty of maintaining your own beliefs in the face of others” the audience are able to identify the contrast between the professor Keating and principal Nolan’s attitudes and values towards educations throughout the mise-en-scene displaying Nolan in a small, dark and mysterious room caged by the large steel poles representing the strict and prestigious nature of the institution. This allows the audience to realise that the students are able to better develop their skills when allowed to be free from the forces of...
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