Dead Poets Society

Topics: Dead Poets Society, Protagonist, Character Pages: 4 (1521 words) Published: March 17, 2014
Dead Poets Society is my favorite novel, it is actually a novel based after a movie. The movie was so successful they decided to make a novel after it. This assignment will be based after that novel.

The book is written in a third-person narrative, the novel quickly introduces the character Todd Anderson who also is one of the main characters in the novel. Todd doesn’t speak much and you can tell that he is a very insecure young man. The plot begins with Todd being sent to the “Welton Academy”, a boarding school in Vermont, this is also where the setting is.

Mr. Keating is also one of the main characters, he is an English professor at the academy with a very different way of teaching. The students enjoy his classes, but the school board doesn’t approve as much. The principal, Mr. Nolan is very strict and he wanted everything to be exactly in his way which made him despise Mr. Keating’s way of teaching. Mr. Keating teaches the students that there are different perspectives to life and that the most important is that they have the power themselves to decide what they should or shouldn’t do. His goal is to make the students independent, “seize the day and make your lives extraordinary” is one of Mr Keating favorite quotes. Mr. Keating was also the founder of a club named “Dead Poets Society” which the boys in his class eventually recreates.

Todd’s roommate is called Neil Perry, he is another main character, a very talented and brave boy. His father on the other hand is very strict when it comes to Neil and he is not allowed to explore his talents outside of school, he is only allowed to focus on schoolwork. Neil is very shy with his father and has a lot of respect which results in not liking to confront him. Since his father has such a strict way of raising his son, Neil doesn’t dare to tell his father that acting is one of his passions in life. Because of Mr. Keating’s teaching Neil gains confidence and eventually he gets the courage to tell his father...
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