Dead Poets Society

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„Dead Poets Society“ by N. H. Kleinbaum, based on the film by Tom Schulman A word document by Liên Ferreira

About the author, Nancy H. Kleinbaum:
* Graduated from the Medill School of Journalism
* Former newspaper reporter and editor
* Lives in New York
* Born in 1948

About the film:
* The book is based on the motion picture from Touchstone Pictures * Produced by Steven Haft, Paul Junger Witt and Tony Thomas * The book is based on the motion picture written by Tom Schulman * Directed by Peter Weir

* Made in 1989

Genre of the book:
* A novel

Time and setting:
* The book takes place at Welton Academy, a private school only for boys. It is a very strict school which follows the rules, or the key to success (how they call it) of the four pillars: tradition, honor, discipline and excellence. We are told that the Welton Academy is the best preparatory school in the United States. * The book and also the film are played in the year 1959.

The four pillars:
* Tradition: “Tradition […] is the love of school, country and family. Our tradition at Welton is to be the best!” (Richard Cameron, page 4 line 14 ff.) * Honor: “Honor is dignity and the fulfillment of duty!” (George Hopkins, page 4 line 6) * Discipline: “Discipline is respect for parents, teachers, and headmaster. Discipline comes from within.” (Knox Overstreet, page 5 line 3 f.) * Excellence: “Excellence is the result of hard work. […]. Excellence is the key to all success, in school and everywhere.” (Neil Perry, page 5 line 14 ff.)

The main characters:
John Keating:
* Energetic; charismatic personality
* Show the boys what real poetry is about
* He shows tem the beauty of living and doing what you love * Wants to be called “O Captain! My Captain!”
* Used to be part of the Dead Poets Society
Todd Anderson:
* Very shy at the beginning; doesn’t say anything
* Mad at his parents because they want him to become like his older brother; his parents doesn’t care about him * Neil’s roommate
* His first year at Welton Academy
* Extracurricular activities: soccer, Service Club and school annual * Is a member of the Dead Poets Society
Neil Perry:
* Todd’s roommate
* His father controls his life
* His father wants him to go to Harvard and become a doctor * Loves life and loves to act
* Extracurricular activities: Welton Society Candidates, Chemistry Club, Mathematic Club, school annual (his father decides for him, that he only does that the following year) and soccer * Is a member of the Dead Poets Society

Knox Overstreet:
* Falls in love with Chris, but she has a boyfriend (he gets the girl anyway) * Extracurricular activities: Welton Society Candidates, the school paper, soccer and Sons of Alumni Club * Is a member of the Dead Poets Society

Charlie Dalton:
* Wants to be called “Nuwanda”
* He is a ladies’ man
* Gets expelled out of Welton; first he tries to introduce girls at Welton’s, second he hits Cameron * Extracurricular activities: the school paper, the Service Club, soccer and rowing * Is a member of the Dead Poets Society

* Is a member of the Dead Poets Society

* He is a genius
* Is a member of the Dead Poets Society
* He is a fink
* Is a member of the Dead Poets Society

The Dead Poets Society:
* “The Dead Poets was a society dedicated to sucking the marrow out of life. […]. A small group of us would meet at the old cave and we would take turns reading Shelley, Thoreau, Whitman, our own verse – and the enchantment of the moment let it work its magic on us.” (John Keating about the Dead Poets Society, page 46 line 22 ff.)

Chapter 1
* Mr. Nolan, the headmaster, holds a speech about the Welton Academy and also about the four pillars * We get to know some of the relations of the boys with their parents (Charlie hugged his mother, Knox’s...
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