Dead Poets Society

Topics: Carpe diem, Education, Teacher Pages: 2 (606 words) Published: May 2, 2013
In the movie Dead Poet Society, the students that stood on their desks at the end showed that they believed more in the transcendentalist belief. By standing on the desks the students are also showing that they have became more independent and can think on their own. The students began to think this way from their teacher, Mr. Keating and from how the way he teaches the students. After Neil’s death and Keating’s teachings, most of the boys matured and changed how they thought. But for some others, that wouldn’t be so. As Mr. Keating was teaching the class on how to seize the day, he showed the class a picture of past students and told the class to stare at it and learn to seize the day. One of the boys, Cameron, asked another student, “Think he’ll test us on that stuff?” Cameron was too worried about tradition and on how things worked with school. Another time that shows not everyone will conform to the transcendentalist belief is after the boys were forced to sign a paper saying that it was Mr. Keating’s fault for Neil’s death. Cameron speaks up to everyone and says, “Mr. Keating put us up to all this crap, didn’t he? If it wasn’t for Keating, Neil would be cozied up in his room right now studying chemistry and dreaming of being called doctor. You can’t save Keating but you can save yourself”. When Cameron says this, it shows how he is leaning more towards the anti transcendentalist side. Cameron will not change his mind on anything and won’t think for himself, he has to look to others for guidance and isn’t independent. Unfortunately, Mr. Keating couldn’t transform everyone to be a free thinker but he would change some of his student’s lives. For some other students, Mr. Keating inspired the boys to do things that they wouldn’t have done if they didn’t have Mr. Keating as a teacher. When Knox goes to a party without a date, he sees Chris asleep on the couch. He whispers “Carpe Diem” and then proceeds and kisses Chris. Knox would not have done this...
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