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Dead Poets Society Assignment
1. Make a list of the major characters and think of two or three apt words that describe that character. Neil
Popular leader actor passionate
Introverted timid
Academically focused , idealistic, romantic
Rebellious reckless recalcitrant
Ambitious assiduous compliant
Socially awkward , introverted, takes risks
academically gifted, embracive
Mr Perry
Dominating, closed minded,
Mr Keating
Inspiring , challenging, resourceful
Sweet, assiduous
Spoiled, popular, bully

2. Write a blurb for the cover of the video of Dead Poets Society. You will need to summarise the essentials of plot, characters and themes and keep your word length to around 150 words! New England, the 1950s. Todd Anderson, a lonely timid teenager, who is under pressure by his strict and controlling parents because he must live up to his older brother's reputation to attend Yale to become a lawyer. This semester begins during an orientation gathering with a speech given by the stern Headmaster Nolan, who states the academy's four pillars: Tradition, Honor, Discipline, and Excellence. Todd meets Neil Perry an ambitious student whom becomes his dorm roommate. Together, Todd, Neil and other class mates join to create ‘Dead Poets Society’ which had been inspired by Mr. Keating, who becomes known not only as a teacher but a role model in these student. Keating begins to push the students to strive and seize the day. With encouragement and joy also comes trouble, hurt and loss. Watch the heart telling story unfold a realistic perspective of students striving for independence. 3. Write a detailed description of one of the following characters: character: Mr Perry

Mr. Perry is Neil's paternalistic and dominating father. He is determined that Neil will finish school at Welton and study medicine. To this end, he ensures that Neil is focused and not distracted by unnecessary extra-curricular activities such as the school magazine. Neil rebels against this but unable to confront his father, ultimately decides that he is "trapped". Mr. Perry's refusal to support Neil's acting aspirations ultimately lead to Neil's death 4. One of the themes of the film is conflict, both the conflict characters feel internally and the conflict that occurs between characters. Explain this statement and give examples to illustrate how this theme was dealt with in the film. Conflict in the film ‘Dead Poets Society’ had played a major role in this movie. Certain aspect of the movie not only showed physical conflict but also the mental conflict of the boys that had then began contemplating whether they should do certain action or not. One of the major conflicts in the movie ‘Dead Poets Society’ had been between Neil and His Father who was known as Mr Perry. Neil battles the courage to follow his dream as an actor after realising his father and himself had different life goals. Mr Keating help Neil to realise to strive for what he thought was more important instead of living his life working for his father’s approval and expectation. Neil concluded in losing his battle to confront his father on his interest in becoming actor, which concluded in his suicide. Which caused some of boys to blame Mr Keating for his death. 5. The first poem Mr Keating reads in class is Robert Herrick’s To the Virgins, to make much Time. Read the poem carefully and explain how the poem relates to one of the themes of the film. Keating served a similar role to his students. He 'led' them through the rough years of High School, all the while encouraging them to try new things and live their lives as they wish, rather than to society's standards.  The kids in the movie begin to refer to Keating as "My Captain" 

6. Mr Keating asks his students to address home with “Captain My captain!” Walt Whitman, a famous American poet wrote a poem entitled O Captain! My Captain! The poem is about Abraham Lincoln, the 16th....
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