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2-eating wanted the boys to learn to have a mind of their own; that their own thoughts were unique even if they were unpopular. He wanted the boys to realize that they didn't have to believe or follow what others said or did 基廷希望孩子们学会有自己的主意,他们自己的想法是独特的,即使他们不受欢迎的。他想要男孩们意识到,他们不相信或遵循别人说的或者做的 even when the urge to conform is strong and being themselves might seem unpopular or wrong to do). The message is in the exercise that they boys do in walking around the courtyard, and in what Mr Keating says about what happens and he explains it and even uses a quote or two. It might be good to refer to what he says and quotes in the essay. Maybe you can tie in some of the other scenes in the movie, but only as they tie in with this question. Good luck with it (glad I have finished with school and essays, though it was good to get one back after all that work with a good result and comment). 是的,我认为它是关于每个人游行至打败自己的鼓(即,像staisil说,出于自己,不盲从别人,即使是强烈的冲动和自己符合似乎不受欢迎的或错误的)。这个消息是在锻炼,他们的男孩在院子里走来走去,在哪些基廷先生说发生了什么和他解释它,甚至使用引用或者两个。它可能是好来引用他说什么和引用的文章。也许你可以附加在其他的一些场面的电影,但只是因为他们配合这个问题。祝你好运(高兴我已经完成了学业和文章,尽管它很好买一个回去工作后,与一个好的结果和评论)。

One of the most important lessons that Keating taught the boys was to be an individual no matter what anyone else tells them. This took place in the scene where he took them all out into the courtyard and told them to start walking. The point of this was to demonstrate that after walking for a little while, everyone started walking the same way. He wanted to show them how difficult it is to maintain your own beliefs when everyone else is doing something different then you. Then he told them all to walk their own way. He wanted them to know that they should do that in life. This was the same point Emerson was trying to make in his poem "Self Reliance." He said that "imitation is suicide" He also said that "the great man is he who in the crowd keeps with perfect sweetness the independence of solitude." He was trying to say that if you try to be like everyone else you may as well be killing yourself. No matter what, you should always do what you believe, and maintain your individuality no matter what people say, or tell you to do. Not only did he teach them that they shouldn't act like anyone else, he also taught them that they should live their own lives. Keating taught them the great lesson of living your life for yourself, and not for anyone else.

Pros:It's funny, warm, inspiring, and perceptive in its portrayal of teens and learning. Cons:None worth mentioning, but several worth refuting: see review for details. The Bottom Line: The greatest, least phony movie about teaching that I've seen. (This review is normal-length, unless you stay for my arguments vs. Roger Ebert.)

There are intelligent movie fans, even major critics, who hate the Dead Poets’ Society; hate it enough to still mention the fact 14 years after its release. I say this because, if you’re one of them, I ask that you stick around; I'll try to address your concerns before this essay’s over. If you’re not one of them, this hatred might seem irrelevant: there’s a much larger number of intelligent people who love the Dead Poets’ Society, and a larger number than _that_ of normal-intelligence people who also love it. Why worry about a few malingerers? I guess it’s because I find their reasons so artfully observed, so creatively precise. They’re dead wrong, but in taking the dead-wrong arguments seriously, I can explain better why the Dead Poets’ Society is, in my opinion, one of the greatest movies ever made.

But first the review, focused on the first 40 minutes. Poets is a movie about a great teacher, and the boys he affects. It is set in 1959 at a classic upper-class American prep school for boys. It’s a school where uniformed boys must together announce that the Four Pillars of their education are Tradition, Honor, Discipline, and Excellence (I didn’t totally catch how the boys chant this in private, but I think it goes from “Submission” to...
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