Dead Mans Cell Phone

Topics: Debut albums, Love, Sky Pages: 2 (630 words) Published: April 26, 2011
White Clouds and Blue Skies
Dead Man’s Cell Phone is a fun and quirky play about a shy and timid woman who finds a man dead at a café with his cell phone ringing, and she feels compelled to answer it. The Actors Theatre in charlotte did a fantastic job in presenting this story. The actors, wardrobe, stage setup, and props were all very unique and creative. One aspect that really grabbed my attention was the blue sky and clouds background throughout the play. Blue skies and clouds can be connected with a lot of different ideas. They often come along with a great summer day. The air is warm and it seems like there is endless possibilities of what can be done. A cloud can also be thought as a lonely spot all by itself in a large blue frontier with hundreds of the same cloud all around it. All of these ideas can be related to Jean in the story of Dead Man’s Cell Phone. Jean is a seemingly lonely woman who probrobly lives her life day to day searching for a purpose. She is like a cloud in a sea of blue watching the world without much interaction. She is an ordinary girl that blends in with the rest of the population. One day Jean is in a café eating her bisque. The man’s cell phone next to her keeps ringing without him answering. When she goes over to his table to ask him to please answer it she realizes he is dead. She must have felt a connection with this man because she feels compelled to honor his memory by answering his cell phone and meeting with his family to console them. Jean even goes as far as telling lies to the family that Gordon (the dead man) loved them. Jean thought anything was possible and thought she had a purpose to honor this man she doesn’t know. Jean continues to meet Gordon’s family and even has dinner with Gordon’s widow, Gordon’s mother, and Gordon’s brother. Jean instantly feels a connection with Gordon’s brother, Dwight. He is another average man. He works at a stationery shop. Dwight has lived his life isolated and lonely in his...
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