dead man walking interpretation

Topics: Capital punishment, Jesus, Helen Prejean Pages: 3 (798 words) Published: January 19, 2014
 Dead Man Walking (interpretation)

When Sister Helen meets Poncelet for the first time, she is shocked that in front of her sits a man who has an appearance and behavior of a monster. His body is covered with horrible motives, his manors and behaviors are of unspeakable nature. Prejean starts entering in his mind and asking herself why he has become person like that. One of the main reasons is that Poncelet had a rough childhood. He grew up in a surrounding marked by poverty. His Father was an alcoholic who treated him as a drinking buddy and not as a son, one of their father-son bonding activities was getting drunk together. Poncelet had no beneficial role model he could have related to, therefore he was looking for role models on his own finding Carl Vitello. All these bad influences affected him at a very young age to become the person his is now. His drug abuse in combination with a vile environment led to a deformed personality.

Sister Helen spends a lot of time with Poncelet.
She decides to dedicate herself to this case, and to be the spiritual advisor of Matthew. Prejean realises soon that it will take a lot of effort meeting the real Matthew Poncelet. From this point, Helen mentally prepares herself to disregard the fact that she is dealing with a convicted murderer, and to interact with the man behind the mask of lies, sorrow and cruelty.

When Prejean enters deeper in Matthews mind she nearly frustrates because of the fact that a man who killed two teenagers has no regret for what he has done, and instead of listening what Prejean says, Poncelet sees himself as the victim. Matthew blames everybody else for his current state of being in prison, he even says that it was their kids own fault of being in the wrong place at the wrong time. In an interview, which might put Poncelet in a better light, not for him but for his family, Matthew presents himself as a racist, sexist person who declares himself as an admirer of Hitler....
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