Dead-End Job

Topics: Drawing, Highway, Sorry Pages: 2 (479 words) Published: December 31, 2006
Dead end job
by vicki grant

Dead end job is about a girl name frances who loves to draw. She works at a convenience store call highway buyway. frances has a boyfriend named leo. frances works the night shifts at highway buyway. one night a kid named devin came in for a bar. but when he was in there he took frances drawing and she got mad at him. frances boyfriend leo drove a 1985 impala that mad all this noise. well frances heard it and had devin hide so leo wouldnt see him. leo gets jealous easy. deavin came in to the high way buy way a few more times one time he came in and took pictures of frances and himself. a couple days later frances finds a picture of them two in her locker that says "thanks for some beautiful times together. XOXO Devin." when frances found it she roled it up in a ball and throw it in the bottem of her locker. one day when devin stoped by the high way buy way he gave frances a nice box of pastels that were like 50$. Then she got a 2$ box of pastels from her boyfriend and used those pastels instead of the pastels that devin got her. then devin starts showing up everywere frances goes. one day frances goes to to library and devin is there and he says he is looking for the same book that frances is reading. then another day frances is crossing a bridge and devin is there. then one night a the highway buyway frances was in a hurry and devin was there and she said she would hav lunch with him but she didn't really give him a lot

of information about it. well the next day frances brings her friend kyla trying to get devin to like kyla. when devin shows up and sees kyla and freaks out. he gives frances a package and says i have to go. one day frances forgets stuffin her locker and has leo go get it for her and when he does he finds the picture of devin and her and leo flips out and they break up. devin makes this dinner in the back room and forces frances to eat with him as he has a knife frances trys to run away and dail...
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