Topics: Earthquake, States and territories of India, Madhya Pradesh Pages: 3 (848 words) Published: June 27, 2013
English Project
Design a poster on- Save Mother Earth Keep the following points in mind:     Include some factual information- not just illustration Should deal with any one aspect of Earth- its depletion and solution Slogan is a must To be done in activity copy

Geography Project
Select any two Indian species of animals and birds that are endangered and write about the following aspects: 1. Threats faced or the reasons for being in the endangered list. 2. Present habitat and distribution in India to be shown on a map. 3. Characteristics of the species. 4. Importance and need for protection. 5. Steps being taken for its protection. Please illustrate your project with pictures and maps. Presentation: 4-6 pages ( A4 size).

INFORMATION TECHNOLOGY Find out how much forest land has been taken over for developmental activities and by encroachment since 1980. Take a print out of MS Excel table and a suitable graph and paste in the computer note book. PROJECT Science Chemistry Our Mother Earth is a complete dynamic entity that is full of life & vitality. It looks after our needs & now is in need of our protection. The womb of the Earth is store house of minerals. On the map of Rajasthan locate 5 major mines and find out the following information………. a) b) c) d) e) Name of the mine. Write the location of mine and its distance from a major city. Mention the commercial and chemical name of the mineral obtained. Give the chemical composition of the mineral stating the percentage of each element present. Name the important element that is extracted from this mineral.

Mode of presentation: File containing information and illustration in 3-4 pages. (To be done in group of 2 students) Rubric: i) Content/Information ii) Illustrations 4 mks 2 mks.

iii) Creativity in Presentation 2 mks. iv) Neatness 1 mks.

BIOLOGY The earth is the only known planet in our solar system where life exists with incredible biodiversity. Explore and study the importance of plants...
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