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Topics: Native Americans in the United States, United States, Thomas Jefferson Pages: 1 (321 words) Published: January 27, 2015
Wed 1/28- Blocks 3
Thursday 1/29- Block 2, 6

Below are listed the topics that will be on your Final Exam. The general topic is shown with a Roman Numeral. That means I can ask you ANYTHING associated with that topic. Indented below are SPECIFIC topics related to the general topic I MIGHT ask you about. Not everything listed here will be a question. Your test is 50 M/C questions. Use this to help focus your study habits. You may write any notes on this page and one other full page (front & back) to use on your test.

I.Colonial Era
Anne Hutchinson
First Great Awakening
Colonial Slavery
Salutary Neglect
Proclamation of 1763
II. Events leading to Am. Rev.
Documents of American Rev.
III. American Revolution

IV. Articles of Confederation Era 1781-1789

V. US Constitution
Federalist Papers

VI. George Washington’s Presidency
Alexander Hamilton’s Plan
Whiskey Rebellion
Pinckney Treaty
Farewell Address
Citizen Genet

VII. John Adams’ & Jefferson’s Presidency
Political Parties
VA & Ky Resolutions

VIII. Madison’s Presidency & War of 1812
IX. John Marshall Court Cases (Supreme Court)
X. Monroe’s Presidency & Era of Good Feeling
Monroe Doctrine
Missouri Compromise
American System

XI. JQ Adams & Jackson’s Presidency
Election of 1824
Bank of United States
Jacksonian Democracy
Tariff of Abominations

XII. Manifest Destiny
Events of US Expansion 1789-1860

XIII. 1800’s Reform Movements
Second Great Awakening
Women’s Rights & Republican Motherhood
Political Reforms
Education & Prisons
American Colonization Society

XIV. 1800’s Immigration
Pre-Civil War1800-1860
Post Civil War 1864-1920
Immigrant groups
Anti-Immigration Groups

XV. Leading to CIVIL WAR 1845-1860
Differences between North & South
Events that led to secession

Key Battles & Leaders
Lincoln & slavery

XVII. Reconstruction
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