De Extinction

Topics: Extinction, Plant, Dinosaur Pages: 2 (881 words) Published: April 28, 2013
De-Extinction is one of the hottest topics in the science world currently and it tops the lists of conservation and genetic scientists alike for next big project. Though this could be a great way to learn of past species and finally see them for ourselves, at what cost is a species revived? The idea of bringing back an extinct species, such as some type of dinosaur, comes with many questions that most find to be debatable. Conflicts arise from every aspect of this “new” animal including how it is created and if an environment can be created for it to live. This loss of habitat is what has triggered many of the human-caused extinctions in the past century. Humans are responsible for the extinction of about 500 species including the Xerces blue butterfly, American chestnut tree, Stellar’s sea cow and the Gold Macaw. This idea of de-extinction is usually only thought of as Jurassic Park, the 1993 blockbuster (based on the book by Michael Crichton) that depicted a story of two paleontologists in their adventure of visiting a wildlife preserve that housed living dinosaurs. These animals gave birth to more and they escaped, killing a few people, and proceed to be left by humans to take over the island. Until recently, humans have not had the technology to successfully make a clone from a DNA sample fused with a host egg and have it live past embryo stage. There are many types of animals that science has been interested in bringing back from extinction with the help of the developing technology. The one mentioned the most in media would be the woolly mammoth. Though it is still just a theory that this animal can be recreated, scientists are hopeful. They would have to find some type of intact DNA sample and a host that could not only supply half of the clone’s DNA but also gestate it to term. There would be many important physical problems to address, a home and its health. To sustain one dinosaur an environment has to be created which would have to include most of...
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