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Role Play
A Singaporean student is having a heated discussion with you. The Singaporean student feels that there are many problems in Malaysia. You disagree. Group member: Choo Shen Chong
Chan Yu Hong
Lim Wei Jian

“Yu Hong and Wei Jian is having their Hi-Tea in the coffee shop. After a moment, they see Stanley is coming into the coffee shop”

Yu Hong: Hey Stanley! Long time no see, how are you?
Stanley: I’m fine, how about your guys? I never meet with your guys since immigrate to Singapore. Wei Jian: We are fine. So, when did you came back? And what happened to you? Stanley: I just came back last week. This is what happened in last week when after having dinner with my friends. I got robbed by two guys. Yu Hong: Oh my god! Have you report this to police department? Stanley: Already report, but seems like there is no action to be taken. I felt very disappointed with the attitude of those Malaysia officer. I feel like they are being racist! Wei Jian: You are right Stanley. But is not all of them are being racist, because our Government had carried out the “1 Malaysia” policy which is help to bind all of the races together. And we actually help each other, we stand together, no matter what races, we are united.

Yu Hong: Yes, Wei Jian is right. As you can see from the “Bersih 3.0” all races stand together to resist the government policy. What we want is actually only democracy. Stanley: Maybe your guys is right. But “Bersih” is messy and actually create riot, and these never happen in Singapore before.

Yu Hong: But this is a good way to show the government we want a democracy election, clean and fair. And this also prove that all races is standing together.

Wei Jian: Clearly, the result of the election is not what we want, maybe cause by the “Magic Show” which had prepared in advanced by our beloved prime minister. But after this, had prove that all Malaysian is strongly standing...
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