Topics: Heaven, Sistine Chapel / Pages: 2 (314 words) / Published: May 10th, 2013
Art History 102H

1) What makes Weyden’s work typically Flemish? What makes his work his own?

His work of the last Judgment has fifteenth century Flemish style, which one could see in the lighting, elongated figures, clarity used in this painting. In addition the fabric and all the phenomenal detailed work in this painting are considered Flemish. However, the enormous senses of emotions, very shallow spacing and all the details make this marvelous piece of art his own. For instance the sinner’s faces and the dramatic emotions of both fear and anger they convey to the viewer.

2) What purpose does this image of the Last Judgment serve? This altarpiece was made for a hospital’s chapel in France. It was meant to be seen by the people who were in the hospital, since during those times; people basically were never healed or curved when going to a hospital. They all died. The purpose of this painting called the Last Judgment was to strike fear into the heart of the viewer, and encourage them to ask for forgiveness and to live the last days of their lives as good Christians in order to avoid the horrible punishments that one would get from his or her sins. The lesson of this painting is that all human beings will one day be in the same place. One of the major lessons that he tries to convey in this altarpiece is that if you will be judged in the afterlife, in fact it would be too late to ask for mercy then. Since one could comprehend the painter’s message of free will and that if you are a sinner you will end up in hell. Not only because you got there have yourself but you had allowed others to pull you down with them. This could be clearly with the actions of the sinners in this

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