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In my senior year (grade 11 and 12), I plan to earn several business credits and take all the math courses available at the school. I will be required to take the two mandatory English courses (ENG3U and ENG4U) and one mandatory math course (MHF4U). I wish to take various business courses because I will study Economics in university, so I want to gather plenty of knowledge of the financial world and develop skills to interpret data and communicate it in various forms. I believe it would be advantageous to explore various components of the financial world before I go to university. Course| Reason|

Grade 11 English (ENG3U)| It is a mandatory course and a prerequisite for Grade 12 English (ENG4U) which is required by the universities for admission.| Grade 12 Advanced Functions (MHF4U)| It is a prerequisite required by the university.| Grade 12 Accounting (BAT4M)| I will be able to develop skills to interpret financial statements for businesses and become capable of making business related decisions. | Grade 11 Law (CLU3M)| I will acquire a practical knowledge of Canada’s legal system and I will develop skills to analyze legal issues.| Grade 11 French (FSF3U)| It is a prerequisite for Grade 12 French (FSF4U)| Grade 12 Data Management (MDM4U)| I will learn how to organize and analyze data and solve problems involving probability and statistics.| Grade 11 Entrepreneurship (BDI3C)| I will be able to develop the values, traits and skills that are often associated with successful entrepreneurs.| Grade 11 Marketing (BMI3C)| I will gain knowledge of product marketing and consumers buying habits.| Grade 12 Calculus and Vectors (MCV4U)| This course is recommended by the universities.| Grade 12 Law (CLN4U)| I will be better trained in analyzing legal issues, conduct independent research and communicate results in a variety of ways.| Grade 12 Business Leadership (BOH4M)| I will be able to develop better communication and leadership skills.|...
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