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Topics: Ethnic group, Road, Motorway Pages: 2 (732 words) Published: April 30, 2012
TMA1 DD101 Social Science

I have lived in Chinnor Village for almost 6 years. It is situated in South Oxfordshire and sits on the M40 motorway corridor. I will be focusing on the High Street. It is approximately one mile long with a shopping parade which was purpose built with residential accommodation above. I will compare how it has changed in the last five years that I have lived there. I will look at the shops, the traffic and people who use the street. I moved to Chinnor in 2006. At that time the high Street had seven businesses such as a bakers, butchers, letting agency, news agents, a charity shop and a hardware store. All of the owners are well established and have been there for generations. There are no shops aimed at ethnic groups and no major brands or supermarkets. The shops supply convenience items such as groceries for the residents. Larger weekly supermarket shops are done at neighbouring villages approximately six miles away. There is also a Church which provides coffee mornings and play group facilities. The Road running through the High Street has very little signage. There is a 30mph sign and central white lines indicating the carriage way lanes. Parking is available in front of the shops. Space is limited however people don’t stay long. There are plenty of drop kerbs to allow push chairs and mobility scooters to move freely. Vehicle traffic seems to move without concern as it is not the main Road through the village. The people who used the street and shops were mainly local. They were a mixture of young, elderly and families who are predominantly white British. As there is no major industry on the High Street the adults mainly used it as a quick stop off to grab essential goods. The younger people mainly gathered near the news agents after school and would use this as a social spot or to buy snacks.

Now in 2012, the high Street has remained mostly the same although there are a few changes with the Road and people who use...
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