Dcp Ce Lab Report for Thermal Physics

Topics: Measurement Pages: 2 (427 words) Published: June 22, 2013
DCP CE lab report for thermal physics

Raw data collection:
(K)±1K| length
(cm)±0.05cm| diameter(cm)
±0.05cm| volume(cm^3)| uncertainty for volume|
342| 7.3 | 0.28| 0.449271| 0.163531|
338| 7.0 | 0.28| 0.430808| 0.156937|
336| 6.7 | 0.28| 0.412345| 0.150343|
334| 6.3 | 0.28| 0.387727| 0.141551|
331| 6.1 | 0.28| 0.375418| 0.137155|
329| 5.9 | 0.28| 0.36311| 0.132759|
326| 5.5 | 0.28| 0.338492| 0.123967|
325| 5.4 | 0.28| 0.332338| 0.121769|
322| 5.2 | 0.28| 0.320029| 0.117373|
287| 3.0 | 0.28| 0.184632| 0.069017|

Data processing:
Assume that the temperature of the water is T ℃; The pressure of the air in the tube is P Pa; the volume of the air column in the tube is V m, the molarity of the air is n.

The error of volume is given by ((2×uncertainty of diameter /diameter)+uncertainty of length/length)×volume.

As shown in the diagram, there is linear proportional relationship between temperature and volume. When the temperature reaches absolute 0, the volume will be -1.2006cm^3.

Evaluation and improvement:
Because of the equipment is not perfect, air in the container will go out and therefore it will cause a systematic error. Due to this situation, there will be a fall in the number of air molecules so that n will be different. To deal with this situation, better made equipment is necessary to minimize systematic error.

When taking the readings of measurement, random error always exists. For example, when taking the reading on the ruler, there will be deviation between the eye level and the scale on the ruler. Additionally, when taking the readings, there will be some increase during that time which can make the reading not so accurate. To limit the systematic error, do the experiment several times and take the average value to be the final value because average value can decrease the uncertainty and error.

The evaporation of water...
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