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Topics: United States Declaration of Independence, Thomas Jefferson, Idea Pages: 1 (353 words) Published: September 25, 2014
The authors James Gee, Elizabeth Wardle, James E. Porter, and Cathy Glenn all discuss about certain aspects in society, each talk about discourse communities and relation to identity. Although use completely different aspects in society.

Gee tries to depict to his reader his view on literacy and discourse. He brings up the idea of difference in “discourse” and “Discourse” which is ways of being in the world. He emphasizes the idea with his key term “apprenticeship” and other several key terms. Gee instead states his view and presents two theorems. Gee does not provide examples in society until the end with a story of a five year old boy. On the other hand Wardle uses the impact of identity and authority conflicts in the work community. She uses several theories to depict that an activity system is essentially a discourse community. She continues introducing several theories more importantly the Wegners theory which details three important modes of belonging: engagement, imagination, and alignment. She uses the identities of being a worker and an authority figure to depict the impact in discourse communities specifically working communities. Porter however challenges the idea of plagiarizing in the discourse community. He brings up the valid point all texts derive from other texts. He uses the famous Declaration of Independence and the writer Thomas Jefferson he states that Jefferson used multiple ideas from multiple people to create the Declaration of Independence however they did not get credit, so it is a form of plagiarizing. Porter uses plagiarism in the discourse community and its affect in identity. Glenn changes up the gears and talks about animals and their roles in the community. She has a great example in depicting identity such as false ideas about animals that have been portrayed on ads and the discourse in communities has helped the false claims. All four articles were similar and different in many but tie on the literacy of discourse...
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