Dbq9 Civilization of the Americas

Topics: Inca Empire, Civilization, Peru Pages: 2 (662 words) Published: February 11, 2007
DBQ9 Civilizations of the Americas

The Mayans were civilized people who had many advance in their culture. they were known for their big buildings, their observations, and smarts in math and, the Mayans ruled the land of Mexico. Temples and pyramids started being built . One of the temples, in the city of Tikal, was the tallest structure in the Americas until the twentieth century ( Documen1 ). That is proof that the Mayan architecture was great and the people had high architectural skills. The Mayans also had their own system of hieroglyphic writing. With them, they were able to write books, write on stones, and create an advanced writing system and recorded history . With their observatories they were able to study the stars helped create a 365 day calendar( Document2 ) and indicate to the farmers during what seasons they should and shouldn't farm. They were also interested in math . They had many advances in the world of math and knew complex mathematics. This help prove that the Mayans had an well planned society and government since the people had enough free time to be able to study math . Their ways of farming proved that they were well educated and structured. An example of that were the raised fields to provide better irrigation( Document6 ).There were several great cities supporting large populations, a good system of government, cities, trade, and roads. They were smart enough to be able to maintain the roads, run governments, sustain the people, and build the cities. They believed in many gods and built monuments of stone in dedication to the gods and rulers. The Aztecs were advanced in many aspects, but what they achieved that the other empires were weak on was their strong trading system. They had extensive trade throughout the empire. They provided trade for both boys and girls and traded many things along with sold many thing in the huge city and market center with more the 60,000 people there daily. All kinds of goods such as food, gold...
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