Dbq Valley Forge Analysis

Topics: United States, World War I, World War II, Crime, Army, Death / Pages: 1 (156 words) / Published: Feb 9th, 2017
The winter at Washington’s camp Valley Forge was egregious. Valley Forge is 18 miles northwest of Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. Valley Forge was a terrible place for the soldiers because of the living conditions. For example the soldiers were slowly dying and we're getting sick fast.

Would you have quite? I would have not quit because only 15% of the soldiers have died and the inspirational words of thomas paine. *Reported sick or unable to report for duty*(Doc A). This evidence explains that not all people in the Continental Army are going to die or get sick, the estimate of deaths are lower than your chances of becoming sick. 3,989/8,000 soldiers are sick, which is 50%.Your chances of dying ar 15%.

Their is help coming. Washington is

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