DBQ Spread of Buddhism

Topics: Han Dynasty, Buddhism, China Pages: 2 (687 words) Published: February 10, 2014
Buddhism was founded in India and brought to China centuries after its founding. It slowly spread after the fall of the Han dynasty in 220 C.E. after that the religion continued to spread over the course of many years. The spread of Buddhism in China was during a period of disunity for China. It provided hope for some. However not all were excited for this new practice entering their homeland. Many chinese Scholars and even Tang Emperor Wu had some strong things to say about of the spread of Buddhism was helpful and hurtful to the chinese people.

Buddhism came to China after the Han empire fell and helped some people keep their lives together. For example, Zhi Dun, a chinese scholar, talked about how many chinese served the buddha and followed his commandments as he would want them too. These words coming from a chinese scholar could have changed the minds of some people who wanted to follow the traditional ways. This scholar talked greatly about the Buddha most likely to win the hearts of chinese people and the Buddhist monks (Doc. 2). Continuing with the Buddha’s commandments. They were actually called The Four Noble Truths. The were first taught in India during the Fifth century B.C.E. The Four Noble Truths are a sort of guideline for people practicing Buddhism. They should you a way how to live and achieve Nirvana. Some chinese needed that guidance during the time (Doc. 1). The guidance also brought a new look to the world for many. While a scholar talked about how even though Confucian didn’t acknowledge Buddhism it didn’t mean that it was false. It was a question answer where the questioner challenged Buddhism. The answerer was intelligent and has very good answers that supported Buddhism. The scholar must have been a follower of Buddhism and wanted to help spread his beliefs for others to enjoy (Doc. 3). While this scholar attacked confucianism in an indirect way, Zong Mi, a Buddhist scholar, explained that no one was wrong. Confucius, Laozi, and...
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