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Topics: New England, Virginia, English American Pages: 4 (1754 words) Published: October 18, 2009
The northern regions tended to have more religious beliefs. The southern regions tended believe in a church and state separation. According to "The Articles of Agreement, Springfield, Massachusetts in 1636" (Doc D), whoever entered Massachusetts had to comply with the certain articles and orders that shaped a community around God and the share of the land. The “Articles of Agreement, Springfield, Massachusetts, 1636’’ is valid document because it was basic laws. As a result of “The Articles of Agreement Springfield, Massachusetts, 1636’’, the northern region became more religiously involved with society, causing the one region to split into two. Because Virginia was becoming more of an economical region such as its tobacco farming, it strayed away from the religious upbringings of New England . According to John Winthrop, author of “A Model of Christian Charity 1630" (Doc A) stated that the community must be tightly knit together, and must lead a good example. For whoever watches them must see that God is the sole leader. John Winthrop’s Article is valid because it his original observation. Thereby showing that the followers of New England had to watch over each other and follow in the eyes of God. Hence the families would go to church two times on a typical Sunday. Allowing for the people to follow the Covent of Grace, this was between puritan communities and God. Which allowed for the community to strengthen their new settlements. According to “Wage and Price Regulations in Connecticut 1676” (Doc E) tradesmen and laborers they shall not be greedy and must use their profits to help them serve God and their neighbors. This document is valid because it is the regulations of Connecticut’s wage and prices. In order to be successful in the community, they must use their resources to help and serve their neighbors and God. Consequently Connecticut had to have prices that everyone could afford. Virginia did not want to use their most of their money to help serve god....
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