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Topics: Science, Scientific method, Scientific revolution Pages: 4 (1198 words) Published: February 17, 2014
Science has made many leaps forward throughout the centuries, bringing the world advancements it has never imagined. People may argue the negatives and positives of science these days and centuries ago it was no different. During the sixteenth and seventeenth centuries, the works and findings of scientists were greatly influenced by the approval of political figures due to their desire for power and monetary gain, the support and understanding received by influential religious personages and the downfalls of society regarding disorganization of research and a preset view of gender roles.

The general opinion about scientific findings was positive among major political figures because it opened the door for an opportunity to gain both power and money. With this mindset capturing many Europeans, some strived to increase institutions in which these discoveries could be made. For example, French finance minister, Jean Baptiste Colbert, (11) heavily encouraged the opening and establishment of academies to conduct scientific research. Due to his service under King Louis XIV, (10). Louis XIV is known to have supported these academies as well. He knew that power and wealth could come from the research and therefore, heavily supported the academies.

On the contrary, scientific discoveries were occasionally seen as a negative act if the findings posed a threat or affected the interests of people or absolutist rulers. Thomas Hobbes (7). B, an English philosopher, says that no one seems to hold an interest in the sciences unless it affects them or their ranking in society. In addition, the French monk and philosopher, Marin Mersenne, (5). , writes in a letter to his patron that if he wishes against any material he has discovered, then he will immediately delete it from his published work. He doesn’t want to offend his patron, so he is willing to eliminate...
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