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Topics: Roman Empire, Roman Republic, Julius Caesar Pages: 2 (720 words) Published: August 25, 2013
“What caused the fall of the Roman Empire?”
Within the centuries of our history, many empires have risen, but one of great significance and arguably the greatest empire, was the Roman Empire. Everyone has heard of one of the greatest betrayals of all time, the fall of Julius Caesar, Socrates; however most have never heard of the actual truth of how to Roman Empire came crashing down. From 31 BC to 476 A.D the Roman Empire went from being the most powerful annuity of the Mediterranean to nothing but rubble and stone. Citizen apathy, economic conflict, military expenses, and decadence all contributed to the gradual destruction of the Roman Empire. To being the downfall of the Roman Empire, we must look at the problems having to do with citizen apathy. Many reasons contributed to the reason why citizens didn’t care about Rome anymore. The overwhelming majority of the population had been systematically excluded from political responsibilities (doc 1). This meant that most of Rome’s citizens didn’t have a say in government. In addition, most citizens were poor; they were unable to protect themselves; the cities were declining; and the economy was degrading. For these very reasons, the citizens of Rome felt the empire wasn’t worth saving. The military was an extremely important element to the greatness of the Roman Empire, which in fact became a factor in its demise. Parts of the money went into the maintenance of the army and of the vast bureaucracy (doc 4). Costs for the cavalry's horses and maintenance became increasingly too much for the state to handle, and its economy took many blows.  These costly expenses eventually prevented the army to expand and they could no longer defend the empire great land mass. While the empire was expanding, its prosperity was fed by plundered wealth and by new markets in the semi-barbaric provinces (doc 3). Without expansion, the state’s wealth would soon plunge downwards. In addition to the economy spiraling downwards, slaves...
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