Dbq- Physical Environment in Early Civilizaitons

Topics: Ancient Egypt, Civilization, Mesopotamia Pages: 3 (889 words) Published: January 17, 2013
AP World HIstory/ 6
18 September 2012

Physical Environment in the Development of the Early Civilizations

Although Mesopotamia , Egypt, and The Indus Valley share a lot of physical environments in the development of early civilization, there are minor differences in cultural, agricultural, and social structures. Different civilization are depended on their traits; For example, certain agricultural, political, environmental, and social; Filled with sophisticated monuments, certain trade routes, and how early humans survive.

First, Every civilization is different. Relating to document 1 (Excerpt from the story of Gilgamesh) the civilizations are depended on the traits like cities as administrator , a political system based on defined territory rather than kinship. Many people engaged in specialized, non-food-production activities, states distinctions baed largely on accumulation of wealth, monumental buildings, a system for keeping permanent records, long-distance trade, and finally sophisticated interest in science and art. The physical environment that connects to the development of early civilization is the monument building, and mostly trades, every civilization has an origin. For Gilgamesh - in Mesopotamia , there was very slow development of farming, but the trades did not end just because the development of product is slow , Gilgamesh trade are mostly to Egypt through the Nile River, trades makes the civilization powerful and forms an organized culture . According to document 3 (Reed Huts in the Marshes of Southern Iraq .photo. p.15) - it is showing the river banks and swampy lands at the head of the Persian Gulf, it was used for antiquity , mostly when trades happen floods arise people constantly creating new technology to prevent it. Based on the article in document 4 (Violence and Order in the Babylonian New Year's Festival on page 20), every human development celebrates their largest and most important festival is that of the New...
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