Dbq on American Revolution

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DBQ on American Revolution
The American Revolution fundamentally changed American society in many different ways. Americans gained independence from Great Britain and began to govern themselves democratically and deal with their own dilemmas like slavery, internal revolts and rights of different groups of people without foreign interference. They utilized farming as the main labor but trade and manufacturing also picked up due to the end of mercantilism and the Navigation Laws.

After the Revolution there was a great amount of political change both in the government and in the people governed. Now free from Britain’s monarchial rule the Americans were one of the first to rule with democracy and were able to deal with their issiues themselves. As written in the Pennsylvania Packet, Tories, people who supported British rule were forced or influenced to leave, this left the country with a majority of liberal. Other problems that the new government faced were the Native Americans, like at the Confederate Council of 1786. The Native Americans were unhappy with the fact that their concerns had been brushed aside and they were generally ignored.

A lot of the obstacles faced by the new government included the rights of certain people. Slaves for example in the north as shown in “An Ordinance for the Government the Territory of the United States Northwest of the River Ohio” had been freed but in most other parts of the country they were still enslaved. This was a problem that was not addressed right away because it could tear the infant country apart, which it did almost a hundred years later during the civil war. Also women were beginning to demand rights and gain higher education and positions like Molly Wallace. They were showing to the country that they were capable of becoming equals to men.

America encountered many social changes after the revolution. These included a change in the role of women as shown in the picture of the women holding a gun and a war...
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