DBQ of Social Change

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As seen by many historians, the era of good feelings was an era of nationalism and progress, to a certain degree. However, the addition of sectionalist ideas shattered the nationalistic views. Both sectionalism and nationalism were equally important to the unity of the United States, though sectionalism issues overpowered that of nationalisms, due to political and economic issues, they also brought about the creation of nationalism. As Monroe defeated his federalist opponent 184 to 34, the idea of a one party majority had begun the era of good feelings. The Democratic-Republican Party was strengthened after the War of 1812 eliminating the federalists (Doc I). The arts of the one party system brought on strength and unity throughout the nation. Fourth of July is being celebrated in Philadelphia in 1819, where everyone gathers to enjoy and have fun to celebrate his or her freedom from Great Britain (Doc C). In addition, leaders such as John C. Calhoun and Henry Clay pressed for economic improvements within the nation like levying protective tariffs to ensure America’s strength in industry (Doc B). The era of good feelings came with both benefits and punishments, creating sectionalist issues. Economic and political issues soon began in the era of good feelings, because individuals sought out what was more beneficial to an individual, than as a country. "Corrupt Bargain" is what Jackson called the presidential election of 1824. In the presidential election of 1824, four candidates ran for presidency, but no one candidate got the majority of the electoral votes (Doc I). Even after winning the popular vote, Jackson wasn't declared the next president, but instead Adams became the next president. Henry Clay, who was the head of the House of Representatives, aided Adams in his victory who in turn was appointed the Secretary of State by Adams, inspired Adams victory. Jackson called the election a "Corrupt Bargain" because there was a clear depiction of the spoilage...
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