Dbq - Mansa Musa

Topics: Hajj, Mecca Pages: 3 (893 words) Published: February 14, 2013
Jeremy De La Cruz
DBQ-Mansa Musa
A king’s journey always has effects. Mansa Musa’s pilgrimage to Mecca effected both the economics and political views in Africa. For good and for bad, Musa intended to make the pilgrimage for him. Even though Mansa Musa thought he was making the journey for himself and his religion, it was more widely viewed as a celebration and praise for him and his kingdom through his generosity. The economic effects from the journey were mostly good, with the rare turn for the worse. According to Mansa Musa’s Hajj by the Numbers (1), the chart provides insight on the things accompanying Musa and an idea of how the journey looked. Most of the gold brought on the journey was used as gifts to other people, as recommended during the pilgrimage to Mecca. When giving it away, the gold helped provided resource for any one person or village, which gave the people ease in the sense that they didn’t have to struggle hard to keep their village alive. According to Ibn Battuta (3), Taghaza is described as a desert-like place. The only things there are salt mines, which make the village survive. Based on belief, Mansa Musa didn’t do much with the village, as it was a barren and desolate place. According to Verses from the Qur’an (4), The verses have a message, telling Musa to be very giving and nice on his hajj; doing good shall keep him holy and rewarded in the eyes of the lord. The Qur’an emphasizes on the moral code during the hajj, giving the message to be as holy and charitable as possible to wipe away the some of the sins. The POV from the Verses reflects authorial, since the Qur’an stresses having a great moral code, especially during the pilgrimage to Mecca so that man can wipe away some of his sins and be noble in the eyes of the lord. The foundation for this morality is established by being kind and benevolent. Therefore it makes sense that the Verses from the Qur’an, pushing God’s ideal morals, help ensure morality....
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