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Topics: Andrew Jackson, Democratic Party, Martin Van Buren Pages: 3 (991 words) Published: December 19, 2011
Jacksonian Democrats, followers of Andrew Jackson, protected democracy and the interests of the common man. They believed they were the guardians on the Constitution, and used it to protect states rights. Although there were some areas where they failed, they were strong supporters of the Constitution, expansion of political democracy, protection of individual liberty, and equality of economic opportunity.

Jacksonian Democrats used the Constitution to protect the states and their local governments. Jackson defied the Supreme Court ruling concerning the Cherokee. Document G displays the result of Jackson’s tolerance towards the Native Americans. He wanted to remove all Native Americans east of the Mississippi to provide land for white settlers, and continued to carry out this ruling despite the Supreme Court’s decisions in the cases of Worcester v. Georgia and Cherokee Nation v. Georgia. Jackson supported the rights of the community against monopolies, and is presented in Document H. Robert Taney was appointed to the Supreme Court by Jackson as Marshall’s successor. Taney ruled in the case Charles River Bridge v. Warren Bridge (1837) that the Charles River Bridge Corporation did not have monopoly rights to build a bridge over the Charles River. The rights of the community were just as important as the rights of private property, and permission was given to the states to write charters allowing other companies to build bridges, even if they competed with current ones. An example of the Jacksonians failing to guard individual liberties and the right of free speech was passing a “gag rule.” This rule was in response to the abolitionist petitions that were pouring into Congress. In Document F, the Acts and Resolutions of South Carolina, the legislature of South Carolina asked that all slave-free states “promptly and effectively suppress” abolitionist societies. They wanted there to be no propaganda about abolition. The Jacksonians said they supported...
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