Dbq: International Role of Europe

Topics: Asia, Europe, Renaissance Pages: 4 (1244 words) Published: August 18, 2011
The international role of Europe underwent many changes from the Post-Classical to the Early Modern era. (1)First, in the early Post-Classical era (450-1000) Europe’s international role was constrained mainly to trading in the Mediterranean Sea while Christianity spread to places such as Russia, and overall the role of Europeans internationally was rather isolated; then, in the late Post-Classical era (1000-1450) the international role of Europe was heightened as trading through the Silk Road was increased and the crusades brought European Christians to new locations such as the Middle East and Asia, however, maritime technology had still not come far enough to allow long sea voyages for trading and exploration; finally in the Early Modern era (1450-1750) Europe’s international role reached new limits as new technologies allowed it to sail to and colonize new lands such as the Americas, parts of Africa, and Asia, and Europe underwent many revolutions such as the Renaissance that allowed it to take advantage of the “power vacuum” that China had left behind and become the next great world power.

(2)In the early years of the Post-Classical era (450-1000) Europe’s international role was not very significant and the little trading that it did take part in, was mainly handled by Italians who were in control of the Mediterranean Sea. (3)International interaction was also shown through the conversion of the Russian prince, Vladimir I, to Christianity around the end of the 10th century. This widened the global connections of Europe because it intertwined Russia into European culture. (2)For the most part however, Europe kept mostly to themselves in the early Post-Classical. (3)They promoted increased trading between northern and southern Europe, but maritime technology was not advanced enough to support long sea voyages to places such as India or Africa. In comparison to other civilizations, such as the Chinese and the Arabs, Europeans were considered to be a...
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