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DBQ French Revolution

By bale_8 Mar 19, 2015 1101 Words
French Revolution
In this unfair world, we all know there will be stronger people then you. In the French government they would give the third estate a really hard time. It all came from a 20 year-old King name King Louis XVI, after his grandfather’s death France he took the over the throne. In May 10th, 1774 this man wouldn’t think twice before he would do something, and was called the King of France.

The first stage before the French Revolution, the Social class was separated by three estates. In the French Social Class, there was three known classes: The first estate, which was the Catholic Church, The second estate, which was the nobles, and the third estate known as the Middle class or the peasants. Now, the peasants were 98% of the French population. Which leaves the First/Second Estate with a small percentage. According to source #4, third estate would pay approximately 50% of taxes. This shows that the first & second estate really didn’t pay anything. Before the French Revolution, it was on how King Louis XVI gained power, and how he didn’t have no experience to be a leader of French. King Louis XVI was King Louis XV’s grandson, who was 20 years old. After King Louis XV’s death, King Louis XVI and his wife, Marie Antoinette took over. King Louis XVI with his later on spent lots of money on parties. This shows that a 20 year old can’t be responsible being a leader of France. Although, that’s not it, According to source #2 King Louis XVI wanted revenge with Britain by supporting the United States in their independence. Also, Louis supported the Americans with money. This means, King Louis XVI made foolish decisions with his money. Before the French Revolution was when the American Revolution was still present. Since this Revolution took 6 years, it’s also really harsh for King Louis XVI having a short supply with crops. This Revolution made Britain change, charging high taxes, prohibited to trade, and didn’t have no representatives in the English Parliament. Parliament was a common word in Britain known in America as Congress. According to source #15, the United States won their independence, and encourage other countries with situations to do the same. This means, the United States sends a powerful message with winning their independence to Britain, telling the French to fight for their own rights. The fourth stage in an expectation of the French Revolution was when literature wasn’t just words it was the simplest way to encourage the French to fight for a change. Since the writing would speak about equality, it really spread in the salons. For example, one of the most memorable writers during the Enlightenment was John Locke. His famous quote was “The state of nature has a law of nature to govern it, which obliges every one: and reason, which is that law, teaches all mankind, who will but consult it, that being all equal and independent, no one ought to harm another in his life, health, liberty, or possessions […].” This quote refers to how the government should build law in France. This supports that literature gave the third estate motivation for a change in France, if the Americans can do it, why can’t the French do it? The political revolution was based on the French assembly of higher social class people, which is called “The Estates General”. The Estates General was a form of government that was to represent all the people. It was broken down into three estates. The Monarchs nobility, the minorities, and the majority of the population, the lower class. For example, in source #6 it states how the two of the estates who made the minority of the people rejected the ideas of the third estate that was made of the majority of the people. And how for that reason they were to meet separately. Doing that will make all estates to not agree on important topics and make them rebel, and start problems. This will make everyone angry and cause rebellious acts and movements. The fact that the nobles and higher class did not want to associate with the majority of the people. The political change was based on the third estate arriving to an assembly a month later after the Estates General in 1789. After arriving, the third estate noticed they weren’t letting them in the court. The estate didn’t stay outside, so the head to the Tennis court, and bought all the people from the third estate. According to Source 8, they made a reunion in a Tennis court, when they announced a new constitution by downgrading power from the King. However, this was a huge sign that the third estate was up to something. This means they would even announce a new constitution, it meant the start of a change. The beginning of an adjustment can start in one day, and end in years. The Revolutionary outbreak was considered a disaster in Bastille, reasoning to pursue peace amongst the Estates. Since King Louis ordered the Clergy and the nobles to meet with the National Assembly. Still, there was tales spread that overseas soldiers would attack the French. Although, a heated mob took “Bastille” the large castle that performed as a prison and a backup gunpowder. Therefore this was an event to the French people for a Revolution. Since the French people were encouraged after the Bastille incident, a period of violence named “the great fear” attacked the country. According to source #10, Peasants invaded to houses of nobles and burned them to flames. Later on, 7,000 women raged by the price of bread, and marched from Paris to the Royal Palace in Versailles. After they arrived, they assassinated the guards of the Palace, and placed their heads on Spears. Lastly, the King and his Wife were force to leave the Palace of Versailles, and end hunger in Paris. This shows, that the cost of bread really affected the third Estate, so they wanted to shake things up. The fourth stage was clearly about the operation of new ideas that might’ve succeeded. Now that the third estate formatted a different government, it was named the National Assembly. With this new government, the Third estate ended the monarchy. According to source #11, the whole point of this new government was to give rights to Men and Citizen. This explains that since this was a Declaration of Rights, they were inspire by the Americans, when they announce The Declaration of Independence. This clearly shows that they were on track with motivation since the “Bastille” incident.

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