Dbq-Foreign Policy 1930-1941

Topics: United States, World War II, Franklin D. Roosevelt Pages: 1 (298 words) Published: April 6, 2013
DBQ- Foreign Policy1930-1941

The foreign policy in the 1930's was determined by the president. Everyone during that time was sure they wanted to be isolationists, including the president. The isolationist views would be challenged by Japans invasion of Manchuria and constant disregardof treaties, their own morals, and the inevitability of the germans attacking the US. In 1931Japan invaded Manchuria completely disregarding any previously implemented treaties. As Japan's empire exponentially grew president Roosevelt implementex the Good Neighbor Policy, which reinforced isolationist ideals. The Good Neighbor Policy informed foreign nations that the US would not intervene in foreign wars or territorial endevours. Japan benefited the most from this policy. On top of that the morals of the isolationists were constantly being contradicted. People like Charles A.Lindbergh would say "Over a hundred million people in thus nation are opposed to entering the war. If the principles of democracy mean anything at all that is reason enough for us to stay out."(doc E) but bg saying this they were not acthally helping the insgitute of democracy in other countries thus making them sound hypocritical. Up until november 5,1941 the national concensus of the American people had been that the majority of people did not want to go to war (doc E). Thougb they didnt know they woukd be bombed at Pearl Harbor they had been "training thr youth of country to bear arms"(doc G). They had to have known that some kind of quarrel would occur. The US knew that they would eventually have to face off against Hitler because they "were the archenemy of all he stood for." (doc G). Though America started off as isolationists as the 1930's drug on Roosevelt knew they had ti prepare for war and so did the American people.
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