Dbq Essay Islam And Christianity

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Trade as well as religion has always been a part of world history. However when you put the two side by side, it is often questioned whether trade is encouraged or advocated in a specific religion or not. Within the time period of 600 CE to about 1500,Islam and Christianity were able to be the world’s dominant religions. As both religions rose to power they began to develop their own attitudes towards merchants and trade itself. The two religions differ in their initial attitudes towards trade and merchants. While Christianity’s initial attitude did not accept trade and merchants, Islam’s initial attitude did accept trade and merchants. However both religions’ attitudes were similar in the fact that over time, they both changed their opinions on merchants and trade, and they both ended up accepting trade and set guidelines for merchants.
Both Islam’s and Christianity's initial attitudes regarding trade and merchants contrasted greatly. Islam’s initial attitude accepted trade and and merchants while Christianity's initial attitude was not accepting of trade and
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For instance in Summa Theologica (Doc 4) Thomas Aquinas states that trade may be allowed as long as the trade is fair and just. This source is written by Thomas Aquinas so of course he would say things to support his philosophy, so one should be cautious of this source. As Christianity became more accepting of trade they had to come up with guidelines for merchants such as not selling things for more than they are worth or buying something for less than its worth in order for it to align with the Bible’s teachings. Islamic guidelines for merchants can be found in the Muslim Qu’ran (Doc 2) where it states that trading should be fair and truthful. Both “rules” for merchants are practically the same in both religions making them similar in terms of

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