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Topics: Islam, Qur'an, Syed Ameer Ali Pages: 4 (1190 words) Published: December 10, 2014
Oscar Goodell
Ms. Newman
Period 2
DBQ Essay
Based on the following documents, Islam spread by a variety of means, to encompass parts of Europe, China, India, Africa, and the Middle East. Political, and Religious strategies were used to help spread Islam, throughout many various places. At times violence was used to spread Islam, with the help of a strong military system. The idea of equality was also a key piece in some parts of the world, to help convert many to the Islamic faith. Finally, trade routes and merchants were also used to spread the Islamic faith wherever they went. Overall, the spread of Islam was not due to one sole reason or person, but the Islamic civilization developed such a large empire, due to the many people and idea’s used to convert the non-believers.

The following documents bring forth the political aspect, of how and why Islam, grew to cover such an extensive area. Edward Crecy, the author of document 4 describes the fighting style of the Muslim’s, showing how they conquered lands with violence at times. Sir Edward Crecy, was an English knight, who was most likely Christian, having no affiliation to the religion of Islam, and thus he does not see the peaceful side of the Muslim attempts at converting non-believers, he focuses on the vicious fighting style, used to punish those who chose not to convert. This helps prove that the Muslims used violence to spread Islam, by political means of conquest. Syed Ameer Ali, describes the spread of Islam as peaceful, compared to that of Christianity, where Christianity persecuted those who didn’t believe, yet the Muslim’s left those who did not believe alone. This is proven by the Dhimmies, also known as the people of the book, because Muhammad left these people alone, because he respected their religions, thus proving that Islam’s spread through politics was peaceful as well. Due to Ali’s ethical background, she feels that the Muslim faith, was much more peaceful, than others,...
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