Dbq Corn Law

Topics: Social class, Middle class, Working class Pages: 3 (924 words) Published: May 25, 2013
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Corn Law DBQ
The prices have gone really high ,so the poor got frustrated and grain prices were a lot higher which the people needed for a living. Soon, in 1815, Parlaiment passed a corn law to maintain high prices for demestice produced grain through import from foreign grain. The aristocrats had a lot of avantage during Metternich;s time ,but in England, trade parameter was discussed with nobles, middle class and aristocrats. The traders wanted to depend on foreign crops just to have supply of money. The foreign crops were though in high price which made it harder for the poor to pay. The corn law made both the poor and the wealth pay sale tax on consumer goods. The revoke of the Corn Law helped the poor gain better and low-priced foods, made the aristocracy and the anti-corn law middle class business fall down. The poor didn’t want the corn law because they would eb in debt of the high prices.  In the Punch, Robert Peel acts arrogant and turns his back on the poor like he doesn’t care for them (Doc 1). This Punch is one of the magazines which publicizes satire’s and shows the aristocrats actions that was published it to the people to understand what is going on. During the protests, working men riots at Ely had 7 hanged in 1816… “Swing riots” in the southern countries, 1976 prisoners, 19 hanged 1830-1831 (Doc 3). This is showing the brutally after the corn law done by the government and shows the anger of the poor class on the before the Corn Laws repeal. The poem by Ebenezer Elliot about Corn law, said, why we have to pay tax when we already provide food for others and we barely have any (Doc 9). This is saying the poor wanted the corn Law so that they could get better cheap food and more food ,so they don’t starve to death. John Bright, an Anti-Corn Law League member, in his History of the Anti-Corn League on the year of the Repeal, talked about how Robert Peel thought people were cheering for him...
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