DBQ Classical Athens and Han China: How Great Were Their Differences

Topics: Democracy, Athens, Government Pages: 3 (974 words) Published: October 31, 2013
Carlos Rico
AP World Civ.
Mrs. Carter
Per. 6

Classical Athens and Han China share major similarities yet they have distinct differences. Their form of government was different because Han China had an emperor and Classical Athens ran a democracy. When it came to the children both Classical Athens and Han China the murder of a child was justified. Also women in both Empires played a similar role in society. When you have two great empires they always seem to share common components that in their own way seems to be different.

Classical Athens and Han China had their own kind of government with different regulations that were very much alike. The Athenians had a democratic government that they believed to be original and better than any other. They believed in equality and fairness, and they respected the laws that were set upon them. “Our form of government is called democracy because its administration is in the hands, not of a few, but of the whole peoples” (Doc. D). The government of Classical Athens was of the people and for the people. “...any member of the Assembly could speak about anithing, providing he could command an audience. But for practical reasons, there was also an official agenda. This was prepared by a Council composed of 500 men, 50 from each of the ten Attic tribes” (Doc E). In Acient Athens they wanted the people to be satisfied with their rulers, which they got to vote for, but also expected them to follow the laws that were made and were also madet7 part of making decisions in their community. Likewise in the Han China’s government the emperor was chosen by the Mandate of Heaven where “Heaven” was the people and they had to be satisfied with the emperor as well. “Heaven sees with the eyes of its people. Heaven hears with the ears of its people” (Doc. F). In China the people believe that “Heaven” chooses the next emperor by recommendation of the previous emperor and reveals through acts and deeds. If the people accept...
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